If you have trouble seeing objects at a distance, you may be nearsighted. At Dr. Steven Lutz & Associates in Ann Arbor, MI, an optometrist on our optometry team has the training and skill to help with myopia and other eye care conditions.

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Symptoms of Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness (myopia), a common eye condition, can be confirmed by a basic vision exam from an eye doctor. You are considered nearsighted when you can clearly see objects near you, but things farther away appear blurred.

Myopia usually runs within a family and can develop during childhood. Blurred vision can be treated with prescription eyewear, contact lenses, or more.

Symptoms or signs of nearsightedness may include:

  • Eyestrain
  • Objects at a distance look blurry.
  • Headaches
  • You often squint to see things more clearly.

It is common for nearsighted children to have trouble seeing things displayed on projection screens and whiteboards in a classroom. Though younger kids may not communicate their vision difficulties, they may be displaying the following behaviors:

  • Excessive blinking
  • Sitting close to the television or holding an iPad or tablet screen unusually close to their faces.
  • Frequently rubbing their eyes.
  • Squinting consistently.
  • They appear unaware of objects that are at a distance.

Myopia in adults can be noticed when trying to read signs and labels in a store or street signs when traveling.

When to See an Eye Doctor

You should make an appointment with an optometrist for an eye exam if you or your child exhibits the symptoms mentioned above or if your child’s teacher expresses concern about your child’s vision.

Make an appointment if you notice changes in your vision or have difficulty performing activities or tasks you once enjoyed but now feel limited because of your eyesight.

Nearsightedness can be associated with a higher risk of a detached retina. Call our eye doctor for a vision exam if you begin experiencing lots of floaters (lines or spots in your line of sight) or dark shadows in your front or side (peripheral) vision.

Get an Eye Exam or a Vision Exam from an Optometrist

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