Have you noticed that you can clearly see objects from a distance? You can even read letters on highway signs and road markings long before you drive upon them. Yet, when reading a book, there is some difficulty seeing the letters on the page. Maybe you go to read something on your phone or a paper in the office and find yourself holding it away from your face to see it better? If so, you may be farsighted. At Dr. Steven Lutz & Associates in Ann Arbor, we have the skills and expertise to help with this condition.

Symptoms of Farsightedness

Farsightedness (hyperopia) is a common eye condition that can be present at birth or run within a family. Like any other condition, some forms of farsightedness are more severe than others. So, seeing an eye doctor for a vision exam is vital to your overall quality of life. The condition can be corrected with prescription contact lenses, glasses, or surgery.

The following are symptoms of farsightedness:

  • Objects nearby are blurry and difficult to see
  • You suffer from eyestrain, meaning you experience aching or burning in or around your eyes
  • You squint to see objects more clearly
  • Reading, drawing, writing, or computer time causes significant eye discomfort and headaches

When to See a Doctor

It would be best to consider seeing an eye doctor for a vision exam when you cannot perform tasks as you wish. Additionally, an eye exam may be warranted when your troublesome vision takes away from the activities that you like to enjoy. Then, your eye doctor can advise you on the options available to correct your eyesight. Vision trouble is not always apparent. Adults aged 40 and over with a high risk for glaucoma (meaning it runs in the family) or other eye diseases should get an eye exam every year.

Suppose you have a health condition such as diabetes or wear glasses or contacts. In that case, you should regularly see your eye doctor for a vision exam. Your optometrist will advise you about the frequency of your office visits. If you don’t have any underlying conditions but begin to experience blurred vision or other signs of vision troubles, call your eye doctor and make an appointment.

Children should have their vision tested at 6 months old, age 3, before entering the first grade, and every two years afterward unless a problem is detected with their vision. In this case, consult your optometrist for the frequency of scheduled visits.

Schedule a Vision Exam Today

At Dr. Steven Lutz & Associates, farsightedness is a condition our optometrist treats every day. We have the latest technology and are up-to-date on the latest techniques to help you see more clearly. So, don’t compromise your standard of living and way of life by living with poor vision. Are you looking for an eye doctor near me? Call our Ann Arbor office today at (734) 769-2909 to schedule an eye exam.