Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) lenses are specialized contact lenses designed to temporarily reshape the eye’s cornea. Try Ortho-k and CRT lenses at Steven Lutz & Associates in Ann Arbor, MI. Ortho-k and CRT lenses could be the non-surgical fixes for myopia. Learn more about them by continuing with this article.

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Understanding Ortho-K and CRT Lenses

CRT lenses are rigid gas-permeable contact lenses custom-made to fit the curvature of your cornea. These lenses gently and temporarily reshape the cornea, flattening the central portion of the cornea to reduce nearsightedness. You’re supposed to wear CRT lenses before you go to bed. While you’re sleeping, the lenses will apply pressure and create the necessary changes. The force applied by the CRT lenses won’t cause discomfort.

You can remove your CRT lenses in the morning and see clearly. Your vision will stay that way for a while, but you’ll have to keep wearing the CRT lenses at night to enjoy the benefits.

CRT lenses are not standard accessories you can pick up at any optical shop. Our optometrist must first perform exams before they can create CRT lenses that perfectly suit your eyes. We can also tell you how to wear the CRT lenses, so you can avoid any discomfort.

Ortho-K Treatment Courtesy of Our Optometrist

Regular eye doctor visits will be necessary if you intend to try orthokeratology. Your CRT lenses must be adjusted as your eye molds into the correct shape. Your CRT lenses must keep pace as your eyes change shape, or your vision may not improve.

It won’t take long for you to experience the benefits of Ortho-k. Your vision should be better the first morning after wearing these lenses. Stick to the treatment for a few more weeks, and you’ll see improvements. Our optometrist will let you know when your eyes have achieved the ideal shape.

From there, you must wear new contact lenses to help your eyes retain this form. The symptoms of myopia should completely disappear at that point.

Treat Myopia with Ortho-K and CRT Lenses

If you are interested in the benefits of ortho-k and CRT lenses, visit Steven Lutz & Associates in Ann Arbor, MI. We can evaluate your eye health, determine your suitability for CRT, and guide you safely and effectively using these lenses. In addition, we would be happy to assist you and answer any further questions about the lenses you want to try. Call our office at (734) 769-2909 to schedule an appointment.